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Energy Efficient

  • Unlike aluminium or plastic, timber requires only a relatively small amount of energy to convert it into useful products. A uPVC window frame has more than seven times the energy input in manufacture than a wooden window of similar size and design, while an aluminium frame needs even more – 7.5 times the energy than a uPVC window!
  • Windows and doors from Eurotech WinDoors give you that extra feeling of cosiness – something that you may have been missing for some time. Just enjoy those moments of warmth and contentment. Feel good knowing that you are also saving energy as well. In fact, our products comply with the stringent specifications of Germany’s Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV) and thus prove that they are more than ecological.
  • ¬†Traditionally the housing energy efficiency building codes in New Zealand have lacked recognition of the insulation properties of windows, and have concentrated on providing minimum thermal resistance values (R Values, a higher R-value means better insulation) for the roof, floor and walls only.
  • The new Standards have included glazing and focus on the excessive heat loss through the area of single glazing, which is typically 40 to 45m2 on an average house but can be much larger in modern house designs. Extensive cost benefit analysis has been done to show how the correct insulation of a house can improve the energy efficiency of the house and provide energy savings and improved comfort.
  • Wood is more efficient in terms of total energy consumption:
    • wood uses 435 KW/Hours to produce 1 ton of building material vs PVC@2,610 KW/Hours
    • wood windows are consistently found to be the least intrusive in life cycle studies of building products and houses.
  • ¬†We install heat insulation windows and doors based on the latest state of the art. But that’s not all. We can offer you, your builder or your architect solutions for any method of construction.