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Why do Eurotech WinDoors® windows open inwards?
To make them easy and safe to clean in multi-storey buildings and to protect the sash from the wind.

Do you build outward opening doors?
Yes, we can build front entrance doors, side entrance doors, bifold doors and French doors this way.

Why do Eurotech WinDoors® windows and doors look thicker than normal?
This provides a superior thermal value (U-value), strength and resistance against warping and twisting. It also makes them extra-secure and gives better fire protection than thinner, hollow and most doors of man-made materials.

Do Eurotech WinDoors® products have a thermal break? Timber is a natural insulator and provides a natural thermal barrier, unlike aluminium which is highly conductive.

Is it possible to use triple glazing in your windows and doors?
Yes, that’s the standard now in some European countries. The glass unit is 32 mm thick for timber windows.

Can I use blinds and curtains?
Yes, although please be aware that if you use solid blinds, or thick or thermal curtains when the sun is shining through the glass, the glass can overheat and crack unless it is toughened. Please see regarding thermal breakage.