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Maintenance of wooden frames and sashes

To extend renovation intervals we can supply the Sikkens maintenance set. This set consists of a special cleaner and maintenance milk for window frames and sashes and can be used for lacquered or stained windows and doors. The maintenance set provides your windows frames and sashes with new gloss and gives even more protection against weather influences. You do not need a brush, sand paper or to mask anything off, simply apply with a cloth.

The special cleaner cleans deep into the pores, dries quickly and is water based. Maintenance milk restores the colour and gloss and protects against weather influences.



If maintained, studies have shown that the timber in timber windows will outlast every other type of material that can be used for windows. And to look like new again – just apply a new coat of paint or stain.

Before repainting, as long as the coat has not been allowed to deteriorate, the old coat only needs to be sanded with light sandpaper (220 grit) so that the new top coat can key to the old coat. The new coating can be applied with a brush.

See the FAQ’s page for more information.