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Tech Specs

Windows and doors are the most important components when designing a house. No other component has to manage so many tasks. Windows and doors have to be operational for many years, have to keep the warmth inside, the cold outside and have to be secure to keep your belongings and your family safe.


Eurotech WinDoors products meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand building code (NZS 4211:2008), which has been certified by an independent NZ window engineer. Eurotech WinDoors products are also tested to the strict European standards (CE EN12210, CE EN1026, CE EN1027) by independent test institutes. Additionally, all handles and hardware used by Eurotech WinDoors are tested for durability. Flashing details for different claddings for architects and designers are available on request.

Thermal Properties

  • At Eurotech WinDoors we are 100% committed in manufacturing a product that keeps your family healthy and comfortable – even in extreme weather conditions. For this reason we provide the thermal properties for the window as a whole – glass and frame. It does not make sense to use double glazing in inferior frames which condensate. Timber windows and doors manufactured by Eurotech WinDoors are completely sealed units with condensation channels not required. Timber acts as a thermal break with superior insulation properties compared to other materials.
  • The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. Under uniform conditions it is the ratio of the temperature difference across an insulator and the heat flux (heat transfer per unit area per unit time) through it. The higher the R-value, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness. U-factor or U-value is the reciprocal of R-value (ie 1 divided by R-value = U value). The lower the U-value the better the insulation.


  • The Roto tilt & turn hardware system has redefined hardware technology in Europe. Single-handed effortless turning, tilting and locking of the window sash is now regarded there as a matter of course. New Zealand is now embracing the many benefits of tilt & turn hardware.
  • The hardware is protected with RotoSill Nano. This is a surface treatment which provides first class corrosion protection, enabling the hardware to endure the most varied climatic conditions worldwide.
  • We also use Maco hardware for all outward opening French Doors.

roto          hoppe                    Maco          siegenia


All our windows and doors are equipped with 5 or more locking points – resulting in better protection against break-ins. All locking points are operated by only one handle! Roto tilt & turn hardware conforms to all European burglary-resistance standards.


Eurotech WinDoors carries the Roto handle as a standard option in 4 colours (silver, titan, bronze & gold) for all tilt & turn windows and windoors. Siegenia and Hoppe handles are used for specific units such as lift & slide and comfort sill doors. Please enquire which models are suitable and the respective pricing. We also offer the option of custom made handles made in New Zealand.

titanhandle silverhandle goldhandle broncehandle

Titan                                   Silver                                      Gold                                     Bronze

roto          siegenia          hoppe

3d Adjustability

All our window and most door hardware is 3d adjustable. The 3d adjustability (adjustable in all directions) is a must for a window or door that is designed to last a lifetime. Many things can happen in time (e.g. earthquakes, settling of the building, extreme winds) that can cause ordinary windows stick in the frame. With Eurotech WinDoors you have the unique ability to adjust the sash in the frame yourself – with the simple use of an allen key.

Child Safety Locks

In New Zealand it is compulsory to restrict the opening of windows in multi-storey buildings. We use a small lock at the bottom of the sash. If locked, the sash can only be tilted. If unlocked, the window can be opened completely for cleaning or maximum ventilation.

Uninterrupted Seals

We only use uninterrupted wrap-around seals which are mechanically fitted into grooves to ensure a draft free window and door for years to come. The seals are designed to be able to expand back to full width after they have been compressed. All seals are of non rotting rubber with a firm back to prevent contraction.

Timber Quality

  • Eurotech WinDoors uses only three-layer laminated timber because this system ensures that there will be no twisting and warping of the sashes and frames. All timber for frames and sashes has the optimum moisture content of 10-12% and are naturally durable without chemical treatment. Siberian Larch and Oak are high density timbers which are more resistant to mechanical wear and are an excellent base for paint & woodstains.
  • The Eurotech WinDoors timber system are made of 68mm thick joinery profiles to provide maximum dimensional stability, excellent insulation and strength to accommodate heavy double and triple glazed glass units. All corner joints of frames and sashes are designed as double tenon corner joints to ensure maximum strength.



Wood Options

  • Siberian Larch (Larix Sibirica)
    Siberian Larch grows in Siberia, Europe and in North America (as Canadian Larch) and has a high natural resistance against decay. This has been shown in scientific investigations as well as from archaeological discoveries and practical observations. The harsh climate in Siberia results in very hard durable timber with a density of 0.64 (g/cm3). Higher density makes it more difficult for the organisms that cause decay to penetrate the wood. Siberian Larch is widely used as a durable timber for windows, decking and weatherboards.


  • European/American Oak (Quercus Alba)
    The colour of oak heartwood is from light brown to brown. The heartwood is classified as class 2 durable (BS EN 350-2). The density ranges from 0.67 to 0.73 (g/cm3). Oak has been known as an excellent durable boat building timber for centuries. Today it is widely used for flooring, wine barrels, exclusive furniture and joinery. European Oak has a slightly higher price than Siberian Larch. Timber can get stained when in contact with metal fittings. European Oak is sustainably harvested.


Strong brands as a quality insurance

  • Designing one’s own house means more than just tracing the basic concept or outlines. Today, every builder-owner, planner and architect must ensure from the very beginning that all parts contribute to the whole. Therefore, colour is of fundamental significance when selecting the windows and doors.
  • This is why we offer you a full range of colours so you are certain to find what is right for you. We use Sikkens and Resene water-based products which are applied by a special air-coat system to the correct film thickness.


Maintenance of wooden frames and sashes

To extend renovation intervals we can supply the Sikkens maintenance set. This set consists of a special cleaner and maintenance milk for window frames and sashes and can be used for lacquered or stained windows and doors. The maintenance set provides your windows frames and sashes with new gloss and gives even more protection against weather influences. You do not need a brush, sand paper or to mask anything off, simply apply with a cloth.

The special cleaner cleans deep into the pores, dries quickly and is water based. Maintenance milk restores the colour and gloss and protects against weather influences.

Technical – Glass

Windows and doors from Eurotech WinDoors give you that extra feeling of cosiness – something that you may have been missing. An average home loses 30-50% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its single glazed panes and uninsulated aluminium frames.

Double Glazing
This is now the established insulation standard for all kinds of buildings. The benefits are obvious – double glazing keeps the warmth inside and helps to reduce energy costs, it reduces noise, controls the moisture level in the room and much, much more…. Double and triple glazing works by trapping air between two or three panes of glass. This creates an insulating barrier against heat loss, prevents condensation on your windows, and reduces outside noise.

The thermal performance is measured in the U-value. The lower the U-value the lower the heat loss. As both the U-value of the glass and the U-value of the frame count, we provide the U-value of the whole unit above under the Thermal Properties tab.


tripleLow E glass & Argon gas
Windows with Low E (low emissivity) film have a thin, transparent Low E film suspended between two panes of glass in order to reflect heat energy back into the room. In triple glazing two Low E panes are used. By adding Argon gas, the glass is significantly better at reflecting heat back inside the room.



thermixThermix spacer
Conventional spacers made of aluminium act like a thermal bridge, causing the edge of the glazing panel to cool down rapidly when outside temperatures drop, despite a good level of warmth in the room. This results in the loss of valuable heating energy. Using Thermix® spacers helps to significantly reduce heat loss at the glass edge, while the periphery of the window on the room side remains warmer, lending the glass a “warm edge“.


Other glass options
– Solar Control glass
– Safety & Security glass
– Self Cleaning glass
– Sound Control glass
– Decor glass
– Structured glass
– Trans-opaque glass
– Switchable glass



Timber Architraves

Eurotech WinDoors can supply architraves for the windows and doors with 4 standard options. The architraves can also be finished in the window interior color if desired. 3 different widths are available. Custom architraves can be machined on request.


Eurotech WinDoors has designed a reveal system which combines a premium quality result and efficient installation procedure. Flexi-Reveals offer the solution for varying wall thicknesses, allowing the timber to expand and contract, as well as enabling concealed fixing of the joinery. Reveals can be painted in your window colour if required, and be delivered flat packed, along with the joinery.

Colonial bars

Colonial bars can be fitted to every door and window we provide. We use 26 mm wide timber beads on the inside and outside of the units to achieve the desired effect.

Interior sills

The standard option is to have architraves on all 4 sides of the window. For a more traditional look a protruding interior sill can be fitted at the bottom with the upright architraves sitting on top of the sill.