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Environmental effects

Windows and doors unmistakably determine the image of a building and provide its style and character. Wood not only provides a strong beautiful style and character; it withstands the elements.

Timber windows and doors are an investment in all our futures, and so are the treatments we use for them:

  • The formulations of the water-borne Sikkens product comply with the directives of the environmental standard RAL-UZ12 a (blue angel)
  • All water-borne Sikkens products are categorized as low impact (Class 1) in relation to water quality
  • The preservatives used to protect timber are provided by Sikkens and are RAL certified (European Standard). In this way, the compatibility with health considerations and environmental tolerances of each biocide is ensured.
    Our approach to using them is “as much as necessary, as little as possible”
  • The health safety regulations are also certified in that all water-borne topcoats from Sikkens are according to DIN EN 71-3 “Safety for toys” and DIN EN 53160 ”Saliva and sweat authentic”.
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