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Hoppe SecuSignal®

This is a radio-controlled security system which indicates the status of all windows in the house. The SecuSignal® system consists of at least one window handle with a radio emitter – without the need for batteries – and the SecuSignal® receiver. The Hoppe hardware system comes with a 10 year operational guarantee.

The SecuSignal® emitter needs neither wiring nor batteries! When turning the SecuSignal® handle, energy is produced by a patented system. The SecuSignal® system is totally maintenance free. To ensure a high assurance of transmission, the radio signal is sent out many times in short succession at just one turn of the handle. Depending on the type of building the range is about 30 metres. The electromagnetic pollution is minimal.

The system is also CE tested.

Up to 128 windows and doors can be monitored on your computer.

Windows can be upgraded easily to the Hoppe SecuSignal® system. Swapping the ordinary handle to a SecuSignal® handle is all that needs to be done.

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