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Colour Finish

Designing one’s own house means more than just tracing the basic concept or outlines. Today, every builder-owner, planner and architect must ensure from the very beginning that all parts contribute to the whole. Therefore, colour is of fundamental significance when selecting the windows and doors.

At Eurotech WinDoors® we know the impact of such effects. This is why we place so much value on offering you a wide diversity of colours right from the start. You are certain to find your favourite! We use Sikkens water-based products which are applied by a special air-coat system to the correct thickness.



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We can match the colours of existing interior joinery, which is important when it comes to retrofitting windows into heritage houses. We can mix Sikkens products to match every Resene colour. All we need is the name or code of the product.

At Eurotech WinDoors® we offer different price ranges depending on the work involved in the finishing process and material cost for the frames and sashes.

Price 1: One Sikkens opaque product (e.g. white) or one woodstain is used on the inside and outside.

Price 2: Two different Sikkens products (e.g. interior light oak, exterior Spanish white) are used.

Price 3: A clear coat or Osmo furniture oil is used on the interior, while the exterior is finished with a Sikkens opaque lacquer or woodstain.

If not specified, we quote on using one Sikkens product for the inside and the outside of the window. The reveals, architraves and the facing boards can be supplied already finished with a Sikkens product.

Environmental effects

Windows and doors unmistakably determine the image of a building and provide its style and character. Wood not only provides a strong beautiful style and character; it withstands the elements.

Timber windows and doors are an investment in all our futures, and so are the treatments we use for them:

  • The formulations of the water-borne Sikkens product comply with the directives of the environmental standard RAL-UZ12 a (blue angel)
  • All water-borne Sikkens products are categorized as low impact (Class 1) in relation to water quality
  • The preservatives used to protect timber are provided by Sikkens and are RAL certified (European Standard). In this way, the compatibility with health considerations and environmental tolerances of each biocide is ensured.
    Our approach to using them is “as much as necessary, as little as possible”
  • The health safety regulations are also certified in that all water-borne topcoats from Sikkens are according to DIN EN 71-3 “Safety for toys” and DIN EN 53160 ”Saliva and sweat authentic”.

Sikkens power feed technology

Eurotech WinDoors® uses this superior system for windows and doors with an opaque or woodstain finish. The advantages of this system are:

  • The homogeneous surface
  • The even wetting of the pores
  • An insignificant water uptake sensitivity
  • Higher elasticity

V-joint sealing

Wooden windows will only have a long term lifespan if they are properly designed and protected. Corner joints of windows are always subject to stress. At these points the timber is moving in different directions, which can lead to open V-joints. We at Eurotech WinDoors® seal these V-joints with a special formulated Sikkens sealant that allows the timber to expand and contract. In addition all endgrain of the sashes are sealed with a Sikkens endgrain sealer.

Maintenance of wooden frames and sashes

To extend renovation intervals we can supply the Sikkens maintenance set. This set consists of a special cleaner and maintenance milk for window frames and sashes and can be used for lacquered or stained windows and doors. The maintenance set provides your windows frames and sashes with new gloss and gives even more protection against weather influences. You do not need sanding paper or brush, or the annoying masking off.

The special cleaner cleans deep into the pores, dries quickly and is water-borne – the ideal preparation for the windows. Maintenance milk restores the colour and gloss and protects against weather influences.


Timber windows will outlast every other type of material that can be used for windows, if maintained. And to look like new again – just apply a new coat of paint or stain! For repainting our windows and doors we recommend Sikkens Filter 7 for maximum protection. This product is available in many different colours and woodstains. Before repainting, the old coat only needs to be sanded with light sandpaper (220 grit) so that the new coat can key to the old coat. After that the new Sikkens paint can be applied with a brush. Important: you do not have to sand down to bare timber as Sikkens products do not flake like some other products!