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Eurotech WinDoors® offers handles in different materials and colours. All handles are made in Germany and manufactured to the highest standards. The handles displayed here can be supplied in “silver”(aluminium), “gold” (anodised-brass look), “titan” (stainless steel look) “bronze” and “white”.

The model “Tokyo” is our standard handle (anodised-brass look, aluminium, titan, bronze and white) and included in every quote. Other models and styles may have different pricing.

Handle "silver"

Handle "gold"

Handle "bronze"

Handle "titan"

T&T door "silver"

T&T door "gold"

T&T door "titan"

Door handle "silver"

Door handle "gold"

Door handle "titan"

Lockable handle

Front door handle

More Information

Hoppe Website

If you are unsure which handle design fits best to the window colour, visit the Hoppe website and check under “Choose and decide yourself”.
Please note that not all window handles on the Hoppe- website are available as suitable door handles!