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The Roto tilt & turn hardware system has redefined hardware technology in Europe. Single-handed effortless turning, tilting and locking of the window sash is now regarded there as a matter of course. The rest of the world is now embracing the many benefits of tilt & turn hardware.


Locking System


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RotoSill Nano™
The hardware is protected with RotoSill Nano™. This is a new surface treatment which provides first class corrosion protection and self healing properties, enabling the hardware to endure the most varied climatic conditions worldwide.

Aesthetical Sealing
Green Nano particles and chromium VI free passivation
Blue Zinc layer
Yellow Basic material: steel


A high level of security is provided by even the standard version of the hardware. A mushroom cam engages the tilt & turn striker on the bottom of the horizontal sash-plane, resulting in better protection against break-ins. For this reason additional security measures are often not necessary.

Roto tilt & turn hardware conforms to all European burglary-resistance standards.

For high security buildings we can add multiple locking points, even on the hinged side.

Multipoint locking system (front and side entrance doors)

Main entrance doors must be secure..
With our multipoint locking systems, you have a range of ways to securely lock your doors. Operation of the main lock and the additional locking points is carried out via the cylinder with a key:

  • By turning the key, a smooth running, maintenance free and durable movement is set in motion that moves the deadbolt and the additional locking points
  • Usually a lever handle is found on the inside of the door and a D-handle on the outside. The outside can only be opened with a key.

Option: a second D-handle can be fitted on the inside (instead of the lever handle). The latch will be replaced with a roller catch.

Hoppe SecuSignal®

This is a radio-controlled security system which indicates the status of all windows in the house. The SecuSignal® system consists of at least one window handle with a radio emitter – without the need for batteries – and the SecuSignal® receiver. The Hoppe hardware system comes with a 10 year operational guarantee.

The SecuSignal® emitter needs neither wiring nor batteries! When turning the SecuSignal® handle, energy is produced by a patented system. The SecuSignal® system is totally maintenance free. To ensure a high assurance of transmission, the radio signal is sent out many times in short succession at just one turn of the handle. Depending on the type of building the range is about 30 metres. The electromagnetic pollution is minimal.

The system is also CE tested.

Up to 128 windows and doors can be monitored on your computer.

Windows can be upgraded easily to the Hoppe SecuSignal® system. Swapping the ordinary handle to a SecuSignal® handle is all that needs to be done.

Child safe locks

In New Zealand it is compulsory to restrict the opening of windows in multistorey buildings. We use a small lock at the bottom of the sash. If locked, the sash can only be tilted. If unlocked, the window can be opened completely for cleaning. This function is included in all quotes.

Lockable window handles

These handles provide security if the pane is broken – an important additional security feature. Different handle designs are available. The handles can also be used as a child safe option for multistorey buildings.


Eurotech WinDoors® uses only quality seals which are designed for our joinery products.
The advantages are:

  • Non-rotting rubber seals
  • Uninterrupted wrap-around seals – no joints in the mitres- that would lead to drafty windows over years
  • Seals are mechanically fitted into groves (this means the seal doesn’t depend on adhesives which never last for long)
  • The seals are designed to be able to expand to full width after they are compressed (spring back)

For bifold doors and sliding doors double seals are a standard feature.

For houses surrounded by a noise we can fit a second seal for additional soundproofing.