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Whether you view it from the inside or the outside, the purpose of a window is obvious. First of all, it stops any cold, wind or noise from getting in and stops the warmth and cosiness from getting out. But very often, our quality windows not only protect your cosy interior against inclement weather and the environment, they also guard against unwanted visitors. So don’t economise at the wrong end.

  • Solid 68mm Siberian Larch or European/North American Oak, impregnated, precoated and painted with SIKKENS products. Butt joints are sealed.
  • For controlled and reliable drainage of rain, EUROTECH-WINDOORS wood windows are fitted with a thermally separated rain protection rail. In combination with the cover of the lower window frame, this protects the part of the window which is most susceptible to weather. All connecting joints are glued and coated, thereby preventing moisture from penetrating the frame construction.
  • Dripping groove and groove for window-sill (30×9 mm)
  • The wood profile sections used by Eurotech WinDoors are glued in three layers and therefore provide the best possible stress equalisation between the solid wood layers. (68mm thickness)
  • A special permanently elastic, non-rotting wrap-around seal integrated in the window sash ensures that the window is sealed tight when closed. It also makes sure that moisture, dust, noise and the cold stay out. A second seal can be fitted on request.
  • Energy saving 24mm double glazing (opt. Low E + Argon) Optional: Triple glazing



Aluminium Profile

"traditional" sash window vs IV 68 window

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We can provide CAD drawings (dxf/dwg files) – please log in our “Architects” area to download the files, or send us an email!