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Technical – Glass

Windows and doors from Eurotech WinDoors give you that extra feeling of cosiness – something that you may have been missing. An average home loses 30-50% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its single glazed panes and uninsulated aluminium frames.

Double Glazing
This is now the established insulation standard for all kinds of buildings. The benefits are obvious – double glazing keeps the warmth inside and helps to reduce energy costs, it reduces noise, controls the moisture level in the room and much, much more…. Double and triple glazing works by trapping air between two or three panes of glass. This creates an insulating barrier against heat loss, prevents condensation on your windows, and reduces outside noise.

The thermal performance is measured in the U-value. The lower the U-value the lower the heat loss. As both the U-value of the glass and the U-value of the frame count, we provide the U-value of the whole unit above under the Thermal Properties tab.


tripleLow E glass & Argon gas
Windows with Low E (low emissivity) film have a thin, transparent Low E film suspended between two panes of glass in order to reflect heat energy back into the room. In triple glazing two Low E panes are used. By adding Argon gas, the glass is significantly better at reflecting heat back inside the room.



thermixThermix spacer
Conventional spacers made of aluminium act like a thermal bridge, causing the edge of the glazing panel to cool down rapidly when outside temperatures drop, despite a good level of warmth in the room. This results in the loss of valuable heating energy. Using Thermix® spacers helps to significantly reduce heat loss at the glass edge, while the periphery of the window on the room side remains warmer, lending the glass a “warm edge“.


Other glass options
– Solar Control glass
– Safety & Security glass
– Self Cleaning glass
– Sound Control glass
– Decor glass
– Structured glass
– Trans-opaque glass
– Switchable glass



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