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Heat Gain

“80-90% of solar gain of a building is through the windows and doors.”

Heat Gain is caused by poor insulation in summer. Aluminium-only frames and non-efficient glass cause the major amount of heat gain. Walls and roof usually contain timber and other materials that have a low conductivity and help to insulate and windows & doors remain as the weak part of the building.

Heat Gain can occur in three ways:

  1. Solar Heat Gain
  2. Air Infiltration (AI)
    Siphons about half of an average home’s heating and cooling energy to the outdoors. Air leakage through and around windows is responsible for much of this loss. Advanced sealing with compressible gaskets and tight hardware reduce air leakage and heat gain in summer through air movement.
  3. Conductive Heat Gain
    Is movement of heat through a material. Aluminium is highly conductive (237 K) compared to timber (0.16 K – oak). Low conductive glass, such as double glazing with minimum air gap of 16mm and low conductive frame, like timber and timber-aluminium, minimise conduction.

You can save energy, every day. The right choice decreases your operational costs whilst increasing your comfort levels at the same time.