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The life of wooden windows is at least two – three times longer than those made of aluminium or uPVC. Any long term cost analysis will show that aluminium and uPVC windows are in fact more expensive than wooden windows since they cannot be repaired and need to be replaced periodically. Solid wooden windows and doors are long term investments when maintained correctly and they are more economical than their artificial alternatives if use periods are taken in consideration.

The only solution for an aluminium or uPVC window that is dented, scratched, faded by sunlight or twisted due to settling or earthquakes, is replacing it.

Aluminium can also oxidise, especially if situated near the sea, and uPVC can discolour over time.

Eurotech Windoors are 3-D adjustable which is simply done with an Allen key. With wooden windows and doors one isn’t tied to the original colour chosen. As tastes or styles change they can be re-painted to any colour. They are also easily repaired and fittings may be changed.

The main selling point of uPVC windows is that they are supposedly ‘maintenance free’. But WWF cite many examples of reports that show timber windows to be between 14–25% less expensive than uPVC when looking at the ‘whole life’ cost. The public’s perception that timber windows fail is partly because of the reputation of poorly made softwood windows installed after the Second World War. Modern high-performance timber windows need minimal maintenance and claim a 50-year life-span or longer.