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Timber – Facts

The most amazing attribute of solid wood is that it isn’t inert like PVC, aluminium and other synthetic building materials. Wooden windows and doors are technically more complex than joinery made of synthetic materials.

Wood will actively try to maintain your comfort level by working with the surrounding environment. both absorbing and repelling vapour to achieve a natural and healthy balance.

Solid wood’s natural insulation qualities, combined with high heat capacity, result in a condensation free window or door frame.

Thermal regulation
The ability to absorb moisture vapour is an important functional attribute of solid wood. As the hydrogen bonds that bind the water molecules are reversible, water can be released in a process known as desorption. Heat is generated as vapour is absorbed into the wood and lost again as the solid wood dries, effectively warming and cooling the surrounding space when that is most needed.
The thermal and moisture buffering capacity of solid wood is integral to its ability to maintain a stable internal environment.

Wood and CO2
Solid timber windows and doors reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere. The timber joinery installed in your home stores CO2 as part of its natural composition. After trees are harvested for the making of windows and doors, new ones are planted, which continue to produce life-giving oxygen while removing and storing more CO2 from the atmosphere. Wood products achieve negative net CO2 emissions – lower than any other building material.

Eurotech WinDoors®’ solid timber windows and doors are made of durable timber to achieve a maximum service life. After this life cycle our timber can be recycled or returned to nature as timber is biodegradable, and our timber has not been tanalized.

Solid wood has a very high strength to weight ratio. Wooden joinery is solid to the core instead of other materials like PVC or aluminium. This results in a high strength, high durability, strong corner joints and dimension stability.
Compared to aluminium, steel and PVC, timber is the most stable when the temperature changes.

Solid wood protects you in case of a fire. It burns slowly and it doesn’t melt. It can also be sanded and re-used after a fire.

The solid timber we use is dense which means it takes some effort to dent or mark it. The interior is almost maintenance free. While other materials fade after a short period of time, after many years simply applying a new coat of paint or stain gives your windows a new appearance.

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