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Tilt & Turn

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Tilt & turn windows and doors have been the standard in Germany and other European countries for over 50 years. Tilt & turn windows can be opened from either the side or the top. They can be used everywhere in the house and provide excellent ventilation and security. All window functions are operated with one hand, in one motion.

Closed Position
A multipoint locking mechanism with several cam locks, for a burglarproof security level, keeps the sash tightly locked into its frame. The concealed multipoint locking system also ensures a 100% draft free window. All locking points are operated byone handle.

Tilt Position
Tilted inwards on top for optimal, draft-free ventilation. This opening position is still secure against intruders. The ventilation gap is adjustable from 140mm to 80mm.

A traditional open window often causes a draft due to the direct path of the outside

wind into the room. With a tilt & turn window, the outside air is channeled through the sides of the window, while warm used air escapes through the top.

Turn Position
Turn completely open – use for maximum ventilation, as an emergency escape or for easy cleaning from the inside. Hinges can open 180 degrees unless stopped by the reveal.

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